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For the past 15 years, iArc has been providing a variety of technology solutions with a focus on customer care and customer satisfaction. Today, iArc is a complete turnkey Data and Hosting services provider with owned data center facilities spanning various markets throughout the Southeastern United States.

We are all about big technology. We employ a 24×7 team of engineers who hold a variety of skill sets including LAN/WAN Internetworking, Network Security, Voice Services, and Virtualization. Our clients range from the smallest of businesses to the largest of Enterprises with thousands of employees. In total, we provide mission critical solutions and support to many tens of thousands of users in our footprint, and have maintained a 99+% customer retention rate year over year.



Let iArc implement, and manage your telecomm and network platforms. Focusing on your core business has never been easier with iArc Managed Services suite. Your IT resources can focus on your core business while never having to worry about your network.

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Startup Incubation

Our mission is to design, develop, deploy and support hardware, network, and security.  As a part of that mission, we love to work with software startups companies who do not have in-house IT infrastructure expertize and/or capital to purchase and maintain the necessary hardware.




iArc Dedicated Co-location and Hosting services are provided via a series of three privately owned and operated Data Centers in the Metro Atlanta area. These solutions are ideal for enterprises that need to maintain flexibility, reduce risk and stabilize capital and operating expenses.

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iArc Dedicated Internet solutions are designed to support business-critical Internet applications with high-speed connectivity and reliable Internet access. Dedicated Internet access allows your business to send and receive large amounts of data, conduct video conferences, run web-based applications, stream video, provide multi-site access and more.




Along with having many of the industry's top certification, iArc's Managed Security Solutions use the latest security technology to provide premise-based Firewall, point-to-point Virtual Private Network (VPN) services as well as secure remote access from any public IP connection. These cost-efficient solutions are ideal for companies who desire network security without a heavy investment.

Our Security


Business Continuity & DR

Powered by the EVault® professional-grade data protection technology platform, iArc’s Cloud Backup Services offer a comprehensive suite of advance data protection capabilities for enterprises that can help maintain the efficiency and continuity of business operations by ensuring your data is always protected and available.

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